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Scorpio Moon
Kayla Purtizo
Adult Fiction, Romance

Everyone, please put your hands together for, Kayla Purtizo, the Author of “Scorpio Moon.” Okay, Kayla, Take it away.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we have to have an outlet, a fun outlet. What is your idea of fun?

Celebrating with friends and family. Add a live band with real talent, adult beverages of choice, and dancing the night away. The locals DO know how to throw a party.

Yes, cutting loose is one way to discharge the stress of real life. Where do you live?

The Ozarks, in Missouri. It’s an exciting vacation spot during the summer and a peaceful retreat in the winter. I like the fact that our lake contains no sharks or jellyfish.

Yep. Those are two things I don’t want to swim with. What do you like and dislike about writing?

Likes- Writing is therapeutic. I’m forced to search my soul and express it openly. It comes out rough and ragged. After giving it some time, I can reorganize my thoughts and polish them. What is wonderful is that it can take a day, a month or five years to ink it. It actually waits for me to finish it.

Dislikes- Proofreading. Autocorrect can be as harmful as not proofreading or having misspelled words. I’m slowly learning the value of waiting long periods of times between proofreading sessions.

I think so many of us authors dislike proofreading. Which one of your publications will you be sharing today?

Scorpio Moon

I like that title. Why did you choose this book?

It is my debut novel. I never thought I would be a writer, wasn’t sure I was cut out for it, but after dispensing many beads of sweat combined with tears, I’m grateful for the faith my publisher had in me and the story. It is special and close to my heart.

It’s always helpful to have sound and encouraging support when one enters the writing world. What do you think and feel about this publication?

I have mixed emotions about the overall book. I want the reader to stay interested, and am still constantly tempted to change sections, or add to it. I’m in love with some portions of it, because it is unique, yet very relatable to the human experience.

I had the idea to document some things for my children, who were toddlers at the time I got the notion to write things down.  It was meant for them to read it when they became adults, a memoir of sorts. Sometimes I’m anxious about the racy segments and the judgment others place on the alternative lifestyles mentioned in the story. Then, I manage to cop an attitude and embrace every squeamish moment.

That’s one of the hard parts, getting to where we, as authors own our work totally, not just copyright it. Are any of the scenes or storylines in your book real life experiences?

Yes, but I won’t say which…

Ah, a bit of mystery. Hmmm. How did you decide on the title?

It is a zodiac sign that is part of one of the main character’s Natal Chart. I became intrigued as I researched this aspect of his existence. It was particularly mysterious and shed light on the conflicts he was having within himself. It replayed over and over in my mind as I toyed with the possibility of penning a novel about one’s journey and the triumphs and brokenness we experience by simply being who we are.

I think some of the best titles are those that reflect in some way on something significant in the story. What is the hardest review or criticism you’ve had about your writing and how did you deal with it?

The first round of feedback from the publisher after sending the manuscript was the most difficult to swallow. I was clueless about the process of character development and fixing grammatical structure. Luckily, my editor had been through the process with her own books, and guided me step by step. It was overwhelming, so I took it one paragraph at a time.

Good publishers are the ones who tell it like it is, while keeping the writer on task and encouraged. Who is your favorite character?

Most of all I cherish the care the two main characters displayed for one another. True, Unconditional Love is by far the most captivating experience that we do not choose for ourselves. And the next, would be God’s timing.

And there you go folks, an interview with just a the right amount of enticement to get the book. Give it up for today’s author, everyone! Thanks for stopping in, Kayla. It’s been great having you. Please do visit again and don’t make us wait too long!


Kayla Purtizo – lives in Missouri with the loves of her life. She enjoys spending time with her family of people and pets, working on various innovative projects, travelling, trying new foods, basking on any beach, although she prefers the white sands and kaleidoscope of the crystal clear aqua and turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Having received a Bachelor of Science in Economics, she is ever fascinated with the changes going on in the world around her. Raised in a military setting, she is a patriot at heart and lover of God and country


As the popularity of Facebook explodes, so does recently divorced, Kayla’s life when she receives a Friend Request from a mysterious ex-lover. Accepting it turns her world upside down, causing her to embark on a journey where she must face the memories of a buried past in order to unlock the key to her future. Kayla’s faith is put to the test as she wonders, when the smoke finally clears, if true love will be waiting for her in the enchanting glow of the Scorpio Moon.


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