Ten on Tuesday with Phillip Stephens

Well worth the read.

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

10985546_10205795518198026_1679537378287654626_nHey there Reader! Thanks for joining me today! I have a geat interview with Phillip Stephens that will unearth some life-shattering details of an indie author’s perspectives on being indie. Phillip and I met through Author Promo Co=op (the book club/indie group I co-Admin with Jessica Wren). He’s been a great asset to the group and I am honored to have him on my blog today.

1. What genre do you write and what drives it for you?

I write in whichever genre the story suggests. I thought of Raising Hell as a literary novel, but I don’t have the pretensions of a literary writer. It really was a workplace satire that grew out of two consecutive workplaces, which I won’t name. Both were schools, one in the school system, the other one of the first charter schools in Texas. In fact, I really write literature and market as genre.

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