Why Do Book Signings?

Painting With Light

boston-public-library-85885_640Boston Public Library (photo courtesy Pixabay)

I think it’s a safe bet to say most authors will be offered an opportunity to do a book-signing at some point in time. It can be quite flattering to be asked … until you realize what it really entails:

Long hours of sitting on a hard chair, usually behind a folding table with a small stack of your book(s) planted in the middle, waiting for people to come by and buy a copy for you to sign.

Often you’re part of a larger contingent of authors, all of whom are trying to do the same thing … get people to buy their books.

I’ve done quite a few of them now, and the experience of each one has been a little different. Perhaps the worst one was at a small, independent bookstore during a veritable blizzard.

I was the only one of several…

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