Do You Let Your Dialogue Do The Talking?

Painting With Light


Bring Your Story to Life
I’ve never met a fiction author who hasn’t wanted the reader to get completely lost in the words he put on the page (for a writer there’s no better feeling). You want the reader to suspend his disbelief.

As every writer knows (or soon learns), it’s important for readers to know who’s actually talking in any given scene. Obviously, it’s dialogue that tells us what people say and hints at what they do not. It actually goes a step further … and encourages readers to supply their own take on how the spoken words are exchanged.

In other words, dialogue brings a story to life. A writer who cannot make characters talk, and have their conversations require us to listen, has a story that is less than perfect.

In the ever-present writer’s world of “oh shit, did I just screw that up?” every…

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