“Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence” by Jean Gill

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Song at DawnSong at Dawn by Jean Gill
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Writing about the 12th century and doing it with authenticity is a daunting task. Jean Gill has stepped up to the challenge and achieved success in “Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence”, Book One in the Troubadour Series. Blending true events with the imagined experiences of both real and fictional historical characters, Gill has created a story that takes hold and won’t let go. From the moment Estela, her lute, and her canine companion Nici awake in a ditch my attention was focused on their adventures and what would become of them. Soon they are joined by Dragonetz los Pros and Alienor of Aquitaine in a journey of discovery and revelation where Christians, Jews, and a mysterious Moor live in an uneasy community.
Inadvertently using her lute and magical voice to capture the attention of Queen Alienor and…

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