Millie and Cupcake by Mildred Potash

Between the Beats

cupcake cover
What is the title of your latest book?
Millie and Cupcake
What inspired you to write this book?
The love of my pet rat Cupcake.
potash & Cupcake
What ages is this book suitable for?
It is suitable for ages 1 – 11
How soon do you think parents should start reading to their children?
I think it would be great to read as a bedtime story or during the day.
Do you identify with any of your characters and in what way?
I do identify with Millie because I am also shy.
What was your favorite book as a child?
My favorite childhood book was “The Little Engine That Could.” And “The Poky Little Puppy.”
Who is your favorite children’s book author?
My favorite children’s book authors were Stan and Jan Berenstain, and Richard Mcclure Scarry.
Potash and rats
Did you have a pet as a child?
My step -brother had a dog Amanda. I…

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