Author Interview Series Three – Halloween

This is the sign-up sheet for the Halloween interview series – “Boo!” Holidays included in this fall between the dates listed below (Samhain, Halloween, etc.)

Comment below with the date you’d like to have your interview appear. I recommend choosing three dates in case someone posting before you has already selected the date you want. Once you have commented below, I’ll expect your Facebook PM or email with your information. You can also use the contact form in the menu at the top of the main blog.

Be sure to check back at a later date for the “Liberté, égalité, fraternité,” series 5, in honor of Gandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other individuals whose lives or actions stood for those things. January 17 – 24. For this segment I’ll entertain authors with stories with a central theme or background theme of freedom, civil rights, solidarity for a good cause, brotherhood, etc.

October 29 – November 6 ~ Spooky, Horror, Paranormal, Ghost story primary themes.


October 29 –

October 30 – Eric Tanafon

October 31 – Sharon Coady

November 1 – K. Caffee

November 2 –

November 3 –

November 4 –

November 5 –

November 6 –

Interview questions are located here: The sooner you get your questions back to me, the sooner I can create your post and get it scheduled to post. Please select any 10 – 15 questions to answer.

Other information I need:

Please provide the following: 1. Author Name. 2. Title. 3. Bio. 4. Blurb. 5. Genre and Sub-Genre. 6. Book cover in jpg or png (largest size possible) 7. Author image if available.

I also request a content rating:

This is the scale I use:

*5 Not PG17 Nothing sexual left to the imagination
*4 Not PG17 Lots of adult activity, only some details left to the imagination
3 Not PG17 Sex in the furtherance of the story but details left to the imagination
2 PG17+ Some adult situations but no details
1 G No sex, no mature situations, no foul language, great for YA
**0 G Children’s book.
* Ratings 4 and 5, define content as: F/F, M/M, F/M, Menage, BDSM, etc
** I have a different “front page” for children’s books (

You can PM your responses to me on Facebook:, or, email me: tjsauthorcentral [@]

author interview series three


3 thoughts on “Author Interview Series Three – Halloween

  1. TJ – For me I’d like to claim November 1,2,or 3rd with a preference for the 1st. Thanks.

  2. Thank you K. Caffee, I’ve got you added for the 1st.

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