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Danielle Lee Zwissler is an Ohio author. She is a big fan of romance as well as fantasy. She likes her characters to have larger than life personalities, a fair amount of money, and if possible, red hair!

The first book that she had published was “Her Last Chance” and immediately after was the second book of the Daniels Dynasty,”The Art of Seduction”. Soon after, Books-to-go-Now! put out an erotic title of hers “The Trio of Sin”.

Now, Danielle is currently working with four different publishers as well as a group of writers called “The Iron Writer Challenge” a challenge in which 5 writers compete against one another with stories that they’ve written of only 500 words! Thus far, Danielle has won 8 out of the 11 challenges that she has taken.

Currently her list of novels includes several erotica, written under the pen name Heather Lane, western romance, romantic comedies, flash fiction, and soon to be released a young adult fantasy series!

Danielle believes her storytelling and love of writing stems from reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series as well as great romance writers, Linda Lael Miller, Bella Andre, and Diana Palmer.

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What’s your fave food, beverage, and/or restaurant?

I am a big fan of steakJ But I also like a big burger, too. My favorite place around home is a place called “Johnny J’s” it’s a really awesome Irish Pub with the best burgers around.

Do you have a routine you follow daily?

Yes, I wake up, usually see my husband off to work, write or facebook for a few hours, and then I get my kids ready for school. When I get back from that, I start in on my writing. I usually try to get around 3000 words written before they get home, and then it’s mommy time.

How did you decide on the title?

The Long Ride Home was titled because of how it long it took the character to get to where she wanted to be in life. It was a long ride. It took her a while to get the things in place and once she gets them there, she is there to stay. It’s a growing up story, and one that I am totally in love with.

Are any of the scenes or storylines in your book real life experiences?

Yes. Nearly every story that I have out there has elements from my home life in them.

Is your book born purely of imagination?

No, some of it came from my own life, mostly character personalities. My husband is Holton in this story. He is quite possibly the most romantic man in the world… in his own wayJ

If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

I would have to say behind my house in my backyard. I’m not really sure I’d be great at hiding it, or why I’d have to hide it, but that’s the only place big enough for an elephant.

Do you like dogs or cats?

Neither, but if I had to choose…guinea pigs. Lol I am deathly allergic to animals.

If I came to your home and looked inside the
refrigerator, what would I find?

Yikes… don’t do that, it probably needs cleaned out! I always have Mexican food. Milk, lettuce for the guinea pigs, and lots of yogurt and cheesesticks for my kiddos. (that stuff is always there.)

Which is the one television character that you simply adore?

Chuck from the show ChuckJ He is my absolute favorite. He’s witty, cute and nerdy. The perfect combination.

Which is your favorite genre of movies?

I love romantic comedies and fantasy movies. I like them pretty much the same.

Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had?

I went with my kids and my husband to Virginia Beach a few years ago, and it was not planned at all. It was a last minute sort of thing, and it was absolutely fantastic. We had so much fun. The kids had the best smiles, and we got to see dolphins and had the time of our lives.

Which is your most favorite place in this earth?

Home. It really is. Home is my most favorite place in the world, and I am so grateful that I get to share it with the three best people in the world.

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Holton Dade was eight years old when Elena Rose was born, and he has watched out for her ever since. The girl with the wild, curly red hair has been on his mind on and off for years, but he has a few hang-ups–age being one of them, and death being the other. With the help of friends, Holton and Elena survive through many breakups and insecurities, but in the end there is only one place to go–home, and it is one hell of a long ride to get there.

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