Author Interview Series One – Nina Falkestav

Nina Falkestav


I have an over-active imagination and a profound love of both non-talking and talking animals which is why I write fantasy (MG/YA) and picture books.I started acting in plays put up in kindergarten, and joined me first theater classes when I was eleven.

Since then I’ve had schooling in the theatrical arts in several schools, and several levels of education. MY love of writing also started at an early age, and has run partly alongside my interest in theater and directing/producing. I have written some shorter fiction and have several started longer stories, but it wasn’t until I got ill and had to spend three days a week in lengthy treatments that I started writing more seriously, mainly because there was little else in the way of creativity to do.

I’ve written two picture books, that pictures are now being commissioned for, and I am currently working on a YA fantasy. My computer and phone are filled with a myriad of further ideas for stories and the list continues to grow. I currently write in Swedish, but I’m hoping to get my Work In Progress translated as soon as it is finished.

I holds a degree in animal husbandry aimed towards pets I have a pionus parrot, and all my current work features cats, probably an effect of living with seven of them.

I have an over-active imagination and a profound love of both non-talking and talking animals which is why I , so far, write fantasy (MG/YA) and picture books. Would love to try to write horror or ghost stories at some point too.


Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Nina Falkestav. Don’t forget to comment below before you leave.

Who are you?

My name is Nina Falkestav. I live In a town called Sundbyberg, not far from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I have 7 cats and a bird, who all influence and inspire my writing in many ways, good and bad. I love most kinds of animals (I have so far lived with: turtles (when I was very little,) gerbils, a rabbit, fishes and newts and over two periods in my life, cats. I also used to breed guinea pigs. I’m an avid tea-drinker and a “creature of the night.”

If writing hadn’t been the path you chose,
what do you think you’d be doing today?

Well, my background is in amateur theatre, and that is my second love and had been a hobby for a long time.

What do you like to read?

I like all kinds of books, but fantasy, ghost stories are a favorite, as well as some non-fiction (fact) and plays (ties in with my interest in theatre.)

Which is your most favorite book ever?

The Canterville ghost by Oscar Wilde, I think.

Which is the one television character that you simply adore?

Well, I wouldn’t say I adore him, but I find him interesting; Ryan O’Reily from the tv-series “Oz,” which is one of my all-time favorite tv-shows.

Where do you think you are in your writing career?
Where do you want to be?

Most of it is. The rest is based on the argument of mixed martial arts versus boxing and the world around me personally.

What do you write?

So far I have written two picture books and my work-in-progress is a MG/YA fantasy. The dream is of course to be “published on paper,” as I am one of those people who prefer reading books made out of paper if given the choice.

Do any of your characters reflect anyone you know?

Two of the characters look like cats I have/have had ( the way I picture them in my head, of course,) Fearsomeclaws and Firmfoot, and are somewhat similar to them. Shadow both looks a lot like, and is directly modeled on, my cat Aria.

Do you have a fave character?

It’s a Toss-up between Fearsomeclaws and Shadow and possibly Firmfoot.

If you could meet one character from your writing, who would it be?

Again, Fearsomeclaws or Shadow… Or Firmfoot ;-).

Is there anything else you’d like the reader to know about your characters?

Besides that, as the weird names might imply, they are cats? No. Read the book, when it comes out, and find out more about them 😉

If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

love elephants and would be very happy if you gave me one, and proud to show it off.

Which is your favorite time of the day?

Night-time, when all is quiet and I get to write (if I’m not in one of my “I have no idea what to do with my characters”-moods.)

If you were a cookie, which would you be?

A gooey chocolate cake garnished with passion fruit and with some sort of nuts in it.

Do you speak with your cats?

All the time. After all, if someone speaks to you it’s rude not to answer them.

Why isn’t the number 11 pronounced as onety one?

No idea, it should be, let’s make it so!

What makes you angry?

Discrimination and injustice, and animals being knowingly abused.

If you could have a luncheon with any three people,
which three people would you choose and why?

Dean Winters, Alan Rickman and Oscar Wilde, because I think the discussions we could have would be phenomenal!


Thank you, Nina Falkestav, for being here today. It’s been great having you. All the best on your writing.

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Nina Falkestav’S Strays

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If you had to give up your independence for a greater cause, could you? If asked by a stranger to do what it is you fear the most, would you? Would you put your trust in them?

When Chaterine went to sleep that night she had no idea she would be awakened by a cat the next morning. A very persistent cat. A cat that was assertive and opinionated, to the point of diving her mad. A cat she could actually

understand what he was saying… Will she accept the mission that very cat is throwing at her? And will he ever become less aggravating?

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