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Kat Crimson

Kat Crimson uses her wit and wiles to infiltrate the minds of her characters creating a new wave of cerebral erotica, which engages the brains, the hearts and the loins of her readers in equal measure, adding depth and dimension to what has, in the past, widely been considered to be a genre comprised only of talentless perverts. Untrue. Kat Crimson is a warrior for the cause, on a mission to prove that erotica can arouse the mind as much as the middle bits and that kink can be quality.

Holed up in her log cabin in the frozen northern wilds, where she keeps only the company of cats, Kat sits by a raging hearth fire and taps at the keys of her battered laptop, slaving away in an effort to unearth the perfect recipe to unlock the deepest hungers of your soul. So far, this is what she has come up with:

Four parts pure dark genius, three parts heat, two parts taboo, one part willful indifference and irreverence infused with gritty black humor, a dash of silliness and a sprinkling of chaos – it’s a work in progress…

Kat has a liberal arts degree which is most functional as a coffee coaster. She pursued a broad spectrum of subjects while at university, including creative writing, which she could never fully get into while she was there because the subject matter that she was most passionate about penning was apparently not suitable. Kat has several titles available, including Bait the Hook and Seduced by 2.

Dabbling in a wide variety of things from poetry and pastry to photography and fetish, Kat is a Jill of all trades, but she is mastered by none.


Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Kat Crimson. Don’t forget to comment below before you leave.


My genre is erotic romance, but I often include elements of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and dystopian future in my writing… along with quite a bit of graphic and sometimes taboo sex. My published works are all contemporary erotic romance (so far) – but I have many erotic poems and some short stories on my blog that showcase my other writing interests.

Are you an independently published writer
or a traditionally published writer?

I only decided, very recently to publish any of my work – I’d been writing for fun and thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if I tried to self-publish. Around the same time that I published my first to short stories (Bait and Foster’s Beer), I also entered an erotic writing contest through Black Widow Publications. I submitted a work based on an image they provided entrants with and wrote a 10,000 story entitled Jizziebelle. After my story won I was signed to Black Widow and they republished my two self-published titles – editing them, giving them new covers and names (Bait the Hook, and Seduced by 2). I was also given the opportunity to turn my contest winning piece into a full length novel: Jizziebelle ~ The Belle of the Burlesque.

Do any of your characters reflect anyone you know?

To some extent I think every character that I create is essentially a reflection of myself in some way or another – whether it’s an exaggeration of some of my ‘character flaws’, something I wish that I was, a favorite aspect of my personality, etc. they are all derived from my mind…even if I am thinking of someone else and trying to write about my perception of them. There’s no real way to get outside of your own head and truly experience the inner workings of someone else’s mind or thought process. I guess the best way to sum up my philosophy on the characters I write is that they are all facets of me in some way shape or form…I hope this doesn’t make me schizophrenic…hmmm..

What author has inspired you most in your writing?

In all honesty I can’t say there’s truly one author who has inspired me the most. I have read so many books over the years, and have many favorites who have all influenced me: Patricia McKillip, Anne McCafferey, Anne Bishop, Teresa Medeiros, Sasha Lord, Kim Harrison, Karen Marie Moaning (this could really be an endless list..) But one author whose ability to jump inside the head of her characters and explain their thoughts in an exceptionally nuanced way, which really influence my ideas about what is important as far as character development goes, is Laurell K Hamilton. I started reading her Anita Blake series in grade school, and had even read one of her very early works:

Which one of your publications will you be sharing today?

Jizziebelle ~ The Belle of the Burlesque, my prize winning short story which I converted into a full length novel.

Why did you choose this one?

I chose Jizziebelle because I just finished writing her, and as I sit here typing up my responses, she’s about to be put up on Amazon for preorder. I am about to embark on my first ever cyber book tour, for my debut full length erotic romance novel. When I started this crazy journey I had no idea if I even had the wherewithal to write an entire book – let alone in the very tight timeframe I was given. But I did it! It feels like a major accomplishment, and she’s very near and dear to my heart.

How did you decide on the title?

I came up with my character name first, Jocelyn Belle, and after deciding that the image we were given to write about for the contest looked vaguely like it could be set up on a stage, I decided that it would be a story about a burlesque dancer. From there she needed a stage name, and Jizziebelle was born!


To be honest, I haven’t faced any criticism yet. I’m so new to the scene (I think I self-published my first work in November or December of 2014?) that the thing I’m finding most difficult right now is getting people to actually read my work and review it all. It can be a real grind, swimming along in this sea of other indie authors all treading water and holding onto the same bits of wreckage, and then being circled by the big publisher sharks, with tons of money and marketing departments at their disposal, to find a way to stand out.


Jobs aren’t what they were in my parent’s or grandparent’s era. It’s more common these days for people to start fresh every 5 or so years than it is for them to have one lifelong career. Without getting into a political/social debate about why this is so, I will say that it is sort of nice to have this freedom. I myself have started over several times. But the two things I love the most are writing and baking. Of those two – if I could make a living wage from my writing alone – I would have to say writing would offer way more flexibility. I could do it from anywhere on the globe and at any time I desired.

Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?

OMG! Just one???!!!??? Cus there’s Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds, hmm… let’s see… there’s Jake Gyllenhaal – has Adam Levine broken into acting yet? Lol… (I’ll stop here.. forcibly).

What is your favorite daily wear attire?

I am most at home in a broken-in pair of dark denims a tee-shirt and a black hoodie, or a nice wool sweater.


I’m a bit of a foodie actually, and if I had cable I’d probably be watching the food network right now 😀 I grew up watching Julia Childs on PBS and sitting on a stool in the kitchen, next to my mom, so I could watch her bake. I’ve had many jobs in professional kitchens. I’m a decent chef and a pretty damn good baker! ;~} That said my favorite types of food to go out for are Thai and Indian, and if you put anything chocolate in front of me you’d better watch your paws!

Do you like dogs or cats?

Lol… I love animals. I had two cats (my lifestyle doesn’t really allow for dogs) but I recently lost my eighteen year old cat who’d been with me since college. It was quite a blow. He’d been with me for nearly half of my life, I was there to watch him being born, and he travelled with me to homes in several states. I support animal causes and animal rights.

What kind of music do you like?

My go to music is typically obscure indie or alternative bands, but I also like folk, acoustic, old R&B, Motown, Dixieland jazz, bluegrass, zydeco, alternative country, a smattering of pop, eighties pop, nineties grunge, classic rock, classical.. ok most anything as long as it’s good 😛

Thank you, Kat Crimson for being here today. It’s been great having you. All the best on your writing.

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book cover 01 kcrimsonKat Crimson’S Jizziebelle

Jizziebelle is the story of Jocelyn Belle, a kinky introvert who explores her taboos through her writing career and satisfies her urges via cyber trysts.


Suffering from severe social anxiety and depression, she makes a life altering change when she courageously takes a part time job as a burlesque dancer at Hardwood’s Burlesque. She meets a host of amazing and supportive characters at her new job who gradually help her face and tackle some of her crippling issues.

One such character is Ryan Mastersen, a financial backer for the burlesque, a fan of her writing, and – bar none – the most magically delicious man she’s ever laid eyes upon. Will Jizzie finally get to explore her deepest fantasies in the flesh?


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