Author Interview Series One – J. E. Feldman

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J. E. Feldman


Born to a loving family in South Carolina, Jade began to show an interest in reading and writing at the early age of 3. As the years passed by slowly with many adventures of travel and new friends, her stories amassed to a great number. At the age of 15, she decided to create a Fantasy Writers group as a safe haven and family-like networking. This helped her to reach the outside world and discover other authors hiding in the shadows. Thus the getting published urge became a wonderful reality after years of hard, not-so-organized work.


Everyone, please give a warm welcome to J. E. Feldman. Don’t forget to comment below before you leave.


I write Epic/High Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Horror. I don’t necessarily have a target audience because my books are geared more towards all ages but I would say 10 years old and older due to some scary content in certain books. My published work such as “Virthrandel” and my upcoming work such as “The Godmother Diaries” and “Vampire Cassandra Stories” can be geared towards audiences younger than 10.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My first book at three years old was a short story picture book about my grandma’s three little dogs going on adventures with a whale. I still have it.


Keeping up with the extensive reading and the occasional Fantasy movies that I watch ensures my inspiration keeps flowing. Exploring the outdoors is another excellent way.


I love being able to create the books that I want to read. I’ve read so many books that I know in some genres, the books are almost exactly the same but with different names and places. I’m tired of running into these books and want something fresh. Instead of waiting around for a book that I want to come out like that, I have the ability to write it myself. The only thing I dislike about writing is the stress that can come from the deadlines. Being self-published, I can move those deadlines and release dates as much as I want to but I try very hard to not.

Are you an independently published writer
or a traditionally published writer?

Independently published. I went the traditional route and all of the publishing companies told me that they would have to sex my books up in order to put them on the market. I wanted the full control over my books so I stuck with self-publishing.

Do any of your characters reflect anyone you know?

Not intentionally. The character usually presents themself to me first and then I seem to fill in their personality more with that of someone’s I know in real life. It doesn’t mean that the character is a carbon copy of the person I know but a couple of traits will maneuver their way into the character the more I write.


I won’t say yes to this because I do have Dwarves, Elves, dragons, etc in my own books and I never came up with those Races. I have created several of my own Races though and everything else about my books are completely original. Not that all of my books have Dwarves, Elves, or dragons in them.


Many of the emotions in the scenes of my books are real emotions that I have felt myself at certain times in my life. Maybe that is why they are so well written.


Book titles were once really hard for me to decide. I would always have a working title until the book was nearly ready for publication. That’s when the name of the book always seems to hit me. At the last second.

If writing hadn’t been the path you chose,
what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I think I would be a struggling, guitar-playing and singing musician somewhere with two part-time jobs.

Is there anything you’d like the reader to know about your writing?

Every book is different, even those in a series. When reading an author, you always expect either the same happy endings or mass killings in all of them. You’ll find each of mine always holds a different outcome.

How does your day-to-day life affect your writing?

These past two months have been extremely hard on me. In March, my boss died of cancer so I had that grief and the stress of trying to find a back-up job. In April, my grandpa died, I moved to a new home, I was in a car accident that almost killed me, and I’m working two part-time jobs. Before all of that, I would easily work between my one part-time job, have time for family, and write as much as I wanted. However, my writing has been on hold since February and will still be until June.


Of all of my characters, it is almost impossible to choose a favorite character. Almost. My favorite is from my Arbedenion Trilogy, the Vampire Princess Valacotayda. She is so evil, cunning, and relentless that I absolutely love writing about her. I feel like I’m exercising my dark side every time I write her point of view.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book ever is “When Darkness Falls” by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. I know that this is the last novel in a trilogy but it was the first one I read because I didn’t have the first two books. The originality of the series floored me, as well as how in depth they took their readers to see the villain. It was absolutely amazing and I recommend that trilogy to everyone.


I absolutely love reading Fantasy books. Something about the ability to open anything in that genre and not know exactly what to expect intrigues me to no end.

Thank you, J. E. Feldman, for being here today. It’s been great having you. All the best on your writing.

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J. E. Feldman’s Books

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The Dragonscale: Book One of the Arbedenion Trilogy

Vampires have ventured out of their caves in the north to wreak havoc on the peaceful races. Their queen will brutally slaughter thousands and push the races to extinction if something isn’t done. Someone must rise above the masses and lead in the war against the Vampires as members of each race tell their nightmarish journey to their uncertain fate.

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Shadow Blossom: Book Two of the Arbedenion Trilogybook cover 03 jefeldman

The story continues thirty years later… After her plans to destroy the Elven race are thwarted, Vampire Queen Gicessa spends time gathering together her army and unleashes her fury at another race. The Elves prepare for battle, and all looks well when Selkina marries for an alliance, until things go awry. With new armies against them, the Elves are vastly outnumbered, especially when the dragons leave their realm. Their last hope is to trust in the appearance of an ancient legend. Legend states that she only appears when she’s needed most, and the Elven race depends on it now. Will she appear? Or is Shadow Blossom merely a legend?

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Cassandra has received word that her old war companion is on his deathbed. His dying wish is for Cassandra to teach his young daughter how to handle herself but the girl’s mother stands solidly in the way. Will Cassandra be able to keep her promise or will she have to live with the guilt?

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Hazardous book blurb:

The Resistance Begins… They made themselves known to Earth on September 15th, 2155, by attacking on the most difficult day of the week. Monday. Their placid teal-skinned kind flooded Earth and the humans were rounded up like sheep within military bases. The aliens and our own scientists created something that mankind had feared for ages: smart zombies. It seemed the aliens would eventually leave and the clean-up of the zombies could begin. The captured humans were grateful for this. Until their luck ran out…

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Coming Fall 2015 – The Godmother Diaries
book cover 06 B jefeldman
book cover 07 B jefeldman
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book cover 09 B jefeldmanLike Ella’s mother, Earth was dying. Her military father remarries directly after to a woman with two girls. Whenregulations decree that he can take only one family with him off-world, he chooses his new wife over his estranged daughter and tries to murder Ella.

When Ella escapes death, she harbors a cold hatred towards her father. She meets a strange woman at the space dock that promises a new life off-world as a maid in her rich household, but will Ella choose to do it? Earth is all she’s ever known, so what if she doesn’t fit in on this new planet?


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