Interview with historical novelist Helen Hollick


Today I have the pleasure to introduce a gifted writer and a tireless promoter of indie authors: Helen Hollick.
I found her book “The Sea Witch” a real treat. I picked up the book for its historical content, which is as immaculately researched as I was told. The story, however, is much more entertaining than I had anticipated: adventure, romance, action and some mythical element made this hugely enjoyable.
Set in the early 1700s this is a gripping pirate story for adults with fascinating historical and nautical background details. The characters are well developed, the plot moves along fast and the suspense never lets up. A rich and rewarding read.

Welcome Helen. Tell us, how did you come to writing?2 Helen Medium

I’ve always been immersed in the world of ‘story’. One of my earliest memories is coming out of the library clutching one of my favourite books. I was four! At…

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